Sonschreiber bei WASCHweiber: HUDSON ARC

Songschreiber bei WASCHweiber: HUDSON ARC – In an Ocean of Sacrifice
Fr. 25.04. Beginn: 21.00 h – WASCHweiber, Limmerstr. 1, 30451 Hannover

Hudson Arc’s music is hard to categorise, with descriptions ranging from “melancholic pop” to “pirate punk folk” with a uniquely Australian twist! Using diverse and broad brushstrokes in their musical arrangements, one moment they journey through beguiling lilting sounds that create a peaceful, reflective atmosphere and the next, a blood-pumping crescendo that makes you remember you are alive!

Touring Germany for the first time in April 2014 as a full band, the group features Gareth Hudson who loops vocals, guitar, didgeridoo performing alongside a classical and electrified string trio of Tadijana Ilicic on Violin, Jamie Pollock on Viola and Rachel Pogson on Cello. Their live show is wide ranging dynamically, created by the use of live looping and intricate string layers. Armed with a fresh new album “The Motive Of Hope”, expect to be thoroughly entertained!!

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